A hotel with history

Hotell Linnéa is a charming boutique hotel located in the middle of Helsingborg, in a two-part building,
erected in the late 1800s. There have been several different businesses in the building over the years, for example a hairdressing salon,
a restaurant, a flower shop - and of course hotel business. When the first 13 hotel rooms took place, in the pink part of the house, the reception
was located on the second floor, whit the building mainly consisting of apartments and private homes used by actors, who worked in the old theater,
that was operating in a building across the street - where there is now a parking garage.
This is why all of the hotels' 38 rooms are uniquely designed, and brings a lot charm to Hotell Linnéa.
Hotell Linnéa was part of Ditt Hotell-chain, which changed its name to Sweden Hotels. In 2012, Hotell Linnéa was awarded Rookie of the Year by Sweden Hotels
In 2014, Hotell Linnéa was awarded the Gold Crown of the Year by Sweden Hotels. In 2016, Hotell Linnéa won the Hotel of the Year award by Sweden Hotels.
The Sweden Hotels-chain was bought by global Best Western 2017 and Hotell Linnéa was welcomed
into the Best Western family as a Sure Hotel Collection by Best Western in January 2018. Hotell Linnéa left the chain in December 2023. 
Today, the hotel is still privately owned and operated by the current owner family, who have owned the hotel since 2009.
Where the name Linnéa originated is still a question - but what a beautiful name!
Stay tuned as we continue to delve into the details of our beautiful 18th century building...


Translation:  'Paintmaster Johan Peter Andersson built the three-storey house in 1884 according to Mauritz Frohm's
classict drawings. The attic was furnished in 1959. The facade is plastered pink with lighter details. The balconies were not included in the original drawings.
The ground floor is plastered gray.
The storefronts were enlarged in 1936'


 Translation: 'Dentist Erik Bogren and contractor A P Andersson built the well-preserved three-storey house in 1884 according to Mauritz Frohm's classict drawings. First, the corner house was built, which was extended by four window shades to the south, visible in the plaster shades. The corner has an octagonal tower
with a dome roof.'

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