No one can do everything, 
but everyone can do something

As a hotel business we have a responsibility and here at Hotell Linnéa we work continuously to reduce our environmental impact
without compromising the quality or our guests' experience - a project in constant development. The staff are continuously trained in
how to work in the most sustainable way, both for our health, the environment and the climate, so that you as a guest will be able to
check in with a clean conscience.


When purchasing, Ecological, locally produced and eco-labeled products are prioritized. Purchases are made according to prevailing and expected need to reduce all kind of waste
and unnecessary purchases.
The breakfast is cooked in the most water-efficient way possible and served in smaller quantities so that cold items stay cold, warm items stay warm and for everything to be as fresh as possible with minimal waste.

You can help by taking smaller breakfast portions and use your plate or cup several times when refilling.


Electronics and light bulbs are changed as needed to energy-efficient variants with longer life span. The toilets and taps are being replaced to water saving dito in any coming future changes.

You can help by turning off
the light when you leave the room and pull out the charger when not in use. Turn off the tap when brushing
teeth and when you apply shampoo.


All waste is recycled, including what you as a guest leave in the room. The daily
cleaning is done in an environmentally sound manner, without unnecessary chemicals. Towels are washed with eco-labeled laundry detergent at the hotel. Sheets are handled by a local and eco-labeled laundry service.

You can help if you stays several nights by using the same towel more than once. You can also ask for no housekeeping during your stay or no change of bedding, which occurss after 3 nights.

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