Our favorites in and around Helsingborg

We have gathered a few of our Helsingborg' gems, where to go, where to eat and have coffee or just hang out. We update the page continuously.
Below you will find a couple of good websites for events in Helsingborg, ticket booking and other useful information. 
Let us know your own favorites! 

Bikin' in Ven!

Nothing feels like summer as a trip to the small and beautiful island Ven.
Rent the classic yellow tandembike and cruise around the island, stop for a swim and picnic, visit local galleries or the museum of Tycho Brahe. 
Get on the boat from central
Helsingborg during high season

3 x Sauna

Bathing hot sauna and immersing in refreshing Öresund is a really lovely expierience! Both a health boost
and relaxing - something
everyone should try out!
Helsingborg has 3 much-loved saunas:
Rååbadarna, Pålsjöbaden och Kallis.

Möllebackens Waffles

A short walk up the hill from the hotel is a hidden gem - Möllebackens Våffelbruk 
a charming waffle house next
to a beautiful old mill overlooking
 Helsingborg and Öresund.
Well worth a visit!


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