Policy of integrity– Hotell Linnéa
Privacy and legal information 

Hotell Linnéa (in this document referred to as “Hotell Linnéa”, “we” and “us”)wants to protect your privacy and therefore wants you to inform yourself abouthow we collect and use personal information (as defined below). Hotell Linnéaprocesses personal data in accordance with EU data protection legislation, theGeneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By using our website("website") and booking or by providing personal information to HotellLinnéa, or by otherwise indicating that you agree to receive marketing or otherinformation from us, you also agree to all actions performed by us to manageyour personal information as set out in this policy.
Hotell Linnéa is responsible for personal data. Data regardless of form,interface or environment that can be directly or indirectly attributed to anatural person (who is alive) is counted according to the Personal Data Act aspersonal data. Processing of personal data means everything that is done inconnection with personal data such as e.g. collection, storage, use andtransfer of personal data.
In order to offer guests and partners the best possible service, Hotell Linnéaneeds to handle some personal data. We store only the most necessaryinformation for the purpose and do not store the information longer thannecessary. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this policy,please refrain from using our website and booking, and from providing us withany personal information.
Hotell Linnéa may collect “Personal Information” from you, which meansinformation that identifies you as an individual, or information that can helpidentify you. For example, we may collect:
contact information, such as your name, postal address, email address andtelephone number; credit card number or other payment account number, invoiceaddress, and other payment and invoice information (“payment information”);documentation and copies of your correspondence with us in the event that youcontact us; information that is necessary for us to fulfill special wishes andrequests (eg health conditions that require special rooms, special diets,etc.); guest information, which includes information about which hotels youhave previously stayed at, room preferences, dates of arrival and departure,and the types of products and services you have purchased or are interested in;information collected through surveillance cameras, key cards and othersecurity systems; and in limited cases, information relating to customers' creditworthiness.
We may collect personal information about you from a number of sources whichinclude: through the website; through reservations (made directly with us orthrough third parties); through customer service; through social media anddigital channels (eg Facebook, Instagram); when you otherwise voluntarilyprovide your personal information to us
We may also combine the personal information that we collect with personalinformation that is public, with personal information that we receive fromothers, and with personal information that we receive by comparing with others.The collection and use of personal information, whether done separately or incombination, is done in accordance with, and for the purposes described in,this policy.
We save the above information to be able to contact you regarding your bookingor cooperation with us and to be able to advantageously deliver the service youpurchase from us, as well as so that the receipt and invoicing from us to youor your company is correct.
If you voluntarily provide us with "sensitive information" (eg,personal information related to your health), that information will only beused to fulfill special requests (eg, special accommodation or meals). Weneither collect nor store sensitive information from you unless you havevoluntarily provided it. By providing us with sensitive information, youconsent to us collecting, handling and storing that information in accordancewith the terms of this policy.
Hotell Linnéa collects personal information about its guests and websitevisitors so that we can meet their needs and expectations. Hotell Linnéa maycollect, use and share personal information in order for us to fulfill arequest from you, such as a credit card transaction or a reservation or to sendyou marketing letters, information letters or newsletters when you haverequested it. You consent to us collecting payment information from you whenyou make a reservation.
Saved information is only available to a limited number of people at HotellLinnéa. Authorized personnel who have access to personal data are aware of andare continuously trained to ensure that applicable laws are complied with. HotellLinnéa relies on a number of services provided by third parties to providecertain products and services, including reservation services, creditcard/payment processing, billing, IT services, customer service, email deliveryservices, communication and delivery of marketing materials via email andground mail, as well as similar services. You agree that we are permitted toshare your personal information with third parties in order for them to be ableto provide such services as are necessary for the ongoing operation of HotellLinnéa. We require that this third party protect your personal information withthe necessary security measures and that this third party shall limit its useof your personal information to include only the purposes for which we havedisclosed the information.
In the event of a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, acquisition,transfer or other arrangement, we are permitted to transfer any information wecollect in accordance with this policy. Entitled successors or assigns arepermitted to use your personal information in the manner described in thispolicy. We are authorized to disclose your personal information when we havereason to believe it is necessary to take legal action against persons orentities who harm you or as otherwise required or permitted by law.
You agree that Hotell Linnéa collects "Non-Personal Information",which means anonymized information, demographic information, and otherinformation that does not reveal your identity. Because non-personalinformation cannot identify you personally, we may use and share this type ofinformation with other third parties for any purpose, including but not limitedto managing and improving your access to and use of our website , to tailor ourservices to best suit your personal preferences, to analyze visitor patterns,to improve our customer service, and for our other business purposes. When youuse our website and booking, you allow us and our service providers to collectcertain non-personal information, such as your computer type, screenresolution, browser information, IP address and cookie information (asdescribed below). We use Google Analytics to collect statistics on how thewebsite is used.
You allow us and our direct partners on the website to collect informationrelated to cookies. A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on yourcomputer or mobile device by a website's server. It contains anonymousinformation, such as unique identification and the name of the website, as wellas some numbers and numbers. Cookies enable a website to remember yourpreferences, as well as items you have placed in your shopping basket. Mostbrowsers inform you how to stop accepting new cookies, how to receivenotifications about when you receive a new cookie, and how to deactivateexisting cookies. The "Help" function in your browser should be ableto tell you how to do this. If you deactivate or refuse to accept cookies,parts of our website may become unavailable or stop working correctly.
Your IP address is a number that your internet provider automatically assignsto your computer when you browse our website. This number is automaticallyidentified and recorded in our server log, along with the time of each visitand the page or pages visited. Collecting IP addresses is standard practice onthe Internet and is done automatically by many websites. We use IP addressesto, for example, calculate website usage levels, to diagnose server problems,and to administer the website. We treat IP addresses, server log files andrelated information as non-personal information, except when required by law totreat them otherwise.
Because your Personal Information and its security are important to us, we haveimplemented security measures that take reasonable precautions againstunauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of PersonalInformation. The personal information we collect from you is stored by usand/or our service providers, and is protected by a combination of physical andelectronic access controls, firewall technology, and other reasonable securitymeasures. However, these types of security measures cannot prevent all loss,access, alteration or misuse of personal information. Where required by law, wewill inform you of any such loss, access, alteration or misuse of personalinformation that may affect you, so that you can take adequate steps to protectyour rights. We may notify you by mail, email or telephone, as required by law.Please do not send your payment information or other sensitive information viaemail or other inadequate messaging feature. If you have reason to believe thatyour communication with us is no longer secure, you must notify us immediatelyby contacting us.
You can always choose which personal information you want to share with us.However, if you choose not to share certain information with us, it may affectyour experience with us. For example, we cannot take a reservation without aname and payment information.
If you have received a marketing email from us and no longer wish to receivesuch email, you may choose to unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe feature inthe email.
You can at any time request that we update, change or delete PersonalInformation about you. Unless otherwise agreed, your personal data is deletedautomatically 48 months after your last stay or contact with us.
If you have any questions, or would like to update your information or changeyour communication preferences, please contact us by email
Hotell Linnéa reserves the right to change, modify or correct this policy atany time. Updated no later than July 2021.


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Klarna Bank AB (publ) is subject to SwedishData Protection legislation, and is the data controller forthe purpose of processing the personal dataas described above. Klarna has a data protection officerand a team consisting of personal data experts.Klarna also has a customer service teamhandling questions relating to personal data. 
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